Moovit App is a reliable transportation app for Istanbul, which shows you the best public transportation route go to anywhere..

You can also check Istanbul Public Transport website to learn how to access airports , routes and timetables.

Istanbul Rail Systems Map is available at Metro Istanbul’s website.

Istanbul Card is the transportation card which allows you to use any type of public transportation (bus, metro, train, tram, ferry). You can purchase it from any vending machine called Biletmatik from the main points of transportation (at the airports, metro stations or main bus stops). You may want to check this video to learn how to purchase one from the machines. In case there is no vending machine around, kiosks also sell Istanbul Card and there is an online option.

You can also get a discounted student card from the application centers (click for the website for location) with the below documents:

  • Student Certificate (From the Registrar’s Office)
  • Passport
  • 80 TL
  • 1 Photo

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