Global Exchange is a program run by Erasmus Office according to the provisions of university-wide bilateral exchange agreements between partner institutions. The students who participate in this program are exempt from tuition fees in the host institution; however, those students cannot directly apply, they need to be selected and nominated by their home university. The program itself does not provide any scholarships.


Altınbaş University receives incoming exchange student nominations through the e-mail of partner institutions by

Nomination and Application Dates:

Every year, Altınbaş University received nominations and applications at the same time and between the same dates.

Fall and Full Academic Year: April 1st – June 1st

Spring: September 1st – November 1st

Procedures and Steps

Every semester Altınbaş University’s Erasmus Office contacts its partner universities and informs them about the online student nomination procedures. Our partners nominate students who meet our general admission criteria via e-mail.

Incoming Exchange Students should have completed at least one year of study (one semester of study for graduate students) at their home university.

A minimum GPA of 2.2/4.00 for undergraduates and a 2.5/4.00 for graduate students.

However, exchange students should liaise with their exchange advisor for specific academic requirements for specific academic and GPA requirements for their university.

At Altınbaş University, the medium of instruction is in English. Therefore, it’s required to present a document that states your proficiency in English.

  • Altınbaş University requires a minimum B2 (CEFR) or TOEFL PBT 550; TOEFL CBT 213; TOEFL IBT 80.These exams must be taken within the last two years.
  • If the student is a native English speaker, or has already been studying in an English speaking country, at a higher education program (USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and UK, etc) then the student does not need to take these exams.
  • If the primary language of instruction at your home institution is English, then you must get an official letter of proficiency for English by your home institution.

For further information about nominating students/quotas please email:

Once the nomination process has been completed, Erasmus Office sends an automatic message to nominated students about the application procedure. Student applications take place on AUAPP system. Students who are applying for the first time must make a Preliminary Application and then select the Exchange program type they would like to apply.

“Preliminary Application” for yourself as shown below guide

Click for the GUIDE.

Students are expected to fill out and submit their forms by the end of the application period.

If you don’t see the nomination confirmation and application instructions email in your Inbox, please check your Spam folder and Junkbox.


Electronic acceptance letters are delivered via email with an electronic signature. If requested, the exchange office can provide the students and/or their exchange advisors with a hard copy acceptance letter.

With its liberal arts paradigm, Altınbas University guarantees that students receive a diverse and comprehensive education while concurrently gaining expertise in a particular academic discipline.

Cooperation with international institutions, as well as lectures by internationally renowned academicians and business leaders, also contribute to the quality of education at Altınbas University.

Colleges and Schools of Undergraduate Studies
Institute of Graduate Studies
Grading Scale
AU Grading Scale
Bachelor Degree
BB 3
CB 2.5
CC 2
DC 1.5
DD 1
FF 0
S 0
U 0
Master Degree
BB 3
CB 2.5
CC 2

Course Load, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) & KU credits

Course load indicates how many credits you take per semester. KU students usually take five courses per semester (for an average of 15 KU credits which is equal to 30 ECTS). Although there is no requirement for exchange students, at least three courses are recommended. It is up to your home institution to approve your course load.

Please click here to get more information about course catalogue.

Please click here to get more information about weekly course schedule.

Learning Agreements

Students must check open course lists before filling their Learning Agreements.

2021-2022 spring semester open course list

Erasmus students must have their learning agreements signed by their respective Department Erasmus Coordinators. The list of coordinators for this semester can be found below.

Citizens from countries that can enter Turkey without visa/with only e-visa do not have to apply for student visa for student exchange program. Please note that you must enter Turkey with your passport in order to be able to apply for a residence permit. 

For details please check here

Altınbaş University dormitories have a limited capacity. Student housing applications are processed by Dormitory Management:

For details please check here

Each incoming student is assigned to a Buddy (an Altınbaş University student) who acts as a guide and resource person throughout the semester. Each buddy is responsible for approximately five students and maintains weekly communication with each of them. The mentors go through a rigorous selection, interview, and training process before being assigned a group of students. Mentors are generally reliable, hard-working individuals open to cultural exchange. They take their students’ well-being into consideration at all times and are always ready to address your questions or concerns the whole exchange semester.


Orientation week for new exchange students at Altınbas University is intended to welcome them to the university and give them all of the essential information needed to make the most out of their time during their studies. They also have the chance to meet their mentors and other exchange students during the week. There are a number of social events running throughout the week to help them settle into life at Altınbas University and have an enjoyable experience as much as possible. Orientation starts one week before the classes begin. During orientation, there will be a campus tour and other activities that will familiarize students with the Altınbas community. Administrative processes, such as course registration will also take place during orientation.

SIS (AU Academic Information System)

SIS is an online platform used to fill out petitions, locate classrooms, reach professors, and view course content.

Course Planning and Enrolment

According to the Learning Agreement, the registration process of the courses’ will be held by the Erasmus Office.The incoming students will not choose the courses through the system and their process will be coordinated from the Erasmus office. 

As Altınbaş University, we provide you with the freedom to take courses from any programs regardless of your major as long as it is also approved by your home university. However, due to the prerequisites and reserved capacity, you may not take all the courses you plan to in Learning Agreement. Therefore, we kindly ask you to get approval from your home University to select more courses than you normally need in order to be on the safe side in terms of credit requirements.


As the semester come to end, there are several steps for exchange students to complete. Please make sure that you complete all these phases in order to be eligible to receive your transcript by Erasmus Office.

Dormitory Procedures

All exchange students must fill out the check-out form in Dormitory Management prior to the end of the semester.

Students have to give back their room keys to Dormitory Management upon check-out.

Students wishing to continue their stay in the dormitories for next semester because of academic reasons should inform Dormitory Management.

Library Fines

All exchange students have to return all books and movies before leaving campus. You may pay fines with either a credit/debit card in person, or by visiting the YapıKredi bank on campus. If you pay via the bank, you will need to drop the receipt off to the library as proof.

Student transcripts will be issued to the home institution exchange coordinator upon completion of the semester. Please note that transcripts cannot be issued until all grades have been entered into the online information system which can take up to one month after the last day of examinations. The postal procedure will take another couple weeks.

It should also be noted that students have to complete all the check-out procedures in order to be eligible to receive their transcripts by Altınbaş University


In order to enrich the exchange semester experience at Altınbaş University, Erasmus Office kindly asks you to share your feedback via an online survey at the end of the semester. We also encourage our students to share their nice memories they make at Altınbaş and in Turkey in a short testimonial format with a few photos.

The survey link and testimonial submission link will be sent by Erasmus Office at the end of the semester via e-mail.