Change, growth, flexibility, job opportunities. If you want to live a 360° experience, you can come to Altınbas University for Turkish-German Law Double Degree program.

With Turkish-German Law Double Degree program you start your studies at your home institution and then you come at Altınbas University for a certain period of time to attend courses and activities that will be recognised at your home institution once back.

Turkish-German Law Double Degree program is run together with the University of Cologne, which is 624-year old and one of the largest and leading research universities in Germany. The program allows the students to graduate from both universities with two diplomas.

The students complete the first four semesters, over two years, at the School of Law in the University of Cologne and spend the final two years studying at Altinbas University in Istanbul. This double degree program, which is at the moment unique in both Germany and Turkey, is a great opportunity for the people who would like to practice law in both Turkey and Germany without needing any further equivalency procedures.

The program also aims to pave the way for joint academic work about Turkish-German Law systems in order to create a basis for the future generations. The program aims to have graduates who, besides having the knowledge of the both countries’ legal acquis, also have necessary skills for thinking, scientific inquiry and innovative research.

The program has its roots not only on the legal acquis of the two countries but also nourished by the cultures, histories and traditions by upholding the notion of universal law. We invite all the students who are interested in practicing and advancing in law both in Turkey and Germany to study with us in this unique program.