At Altınbaş University, students hailing from partner universities enjoy the privilege of having their tuition fees waived. It is important to note, however, that these students are required to go through a selection process and be nominated by their respective home universities before they can apply directly to Altınbaş University.

Nomination and Application Dates:

Fall and Full Academic Year: First of June – First of July

Spring: First of October – First of November

Procedures and Steps

Every semester Altınbaş University’s Erasmus Office contacts its partner universities and informs them about the online student nomination procedures.

Altınbaş University receives incoming exchange student nominations through the online form of partner institutions from here.

Application Portal Link  for students ; link.

Ps; For a nomination process ;

First Step: The partner instutions needs to fill the form.

Second Step: Students can register from the following link.

Important Note: Students will be nominated by our partners with whom Altınbaş University has signed an agreement, in accordance with the department and quota information specified in this agreement.

  • Incoming Exchange Students should have completed at least one year of study (one semester of study for graduate students) at their home university.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.20/4.00 for undergraduates and 2.50/4.00 for graduate students.
  • However, exchange students should liaise with their exchange advisor about specific academic requirements for specific academic and GPA requirements for their university.
  • At Altınbaş University, the medium of instruction is English. Therefore, it’s required to present a document that states your proficiency in English which can be provided by the home university.
  • For Erasmus+ and Exchange program, the language requirement is as stated in the agreement between the two institutions. The Required documentation should be provided accordingly.
  • Altınbaş University Erasmus Code: TR ISTANBU38

After the nomination process has been successfully concluded, the Erasmus Office promptly notifies the nominated students about the subsequent application procedure. The application itself is conducted through a dedicated application system, where students are required to diligently fill out and submit their documents before the application period expires. In the event that you do not receive the email containing the confirmation of your nomination and the accompanying application instructions in your Inbox, we kindly advise you to check your Spam folder and Junkbox, as it might have unintentionally ended up there.

Acceptance Letter

Electronic acceptance letters are delivered via email with an electronic signature. If requested, the exchange office can provide the students and/or their exchange advisors with a hard copy acceptance letter.

Altınbaş University, through its liberal arts paradigm, ensures that students not only acquire specialized knowledge in their chosen academic field but also receive a well-rounded and diverse education. The university places great importance on fostering collaboration with international institutions, which further enriches the educational experience.

Moreover, students have the opportunity to learn from distinguished academicians and accomplished industry leaders of national renown, adding to the overall quality and excellence of education provided at Altınbaş University.

Colleges and Schools of Undergraduate Studies

School of Dentistry

School of Pharmacy

School of Fine Arts and Design

School of Law

School of Medicine

School of Economics and Administrative Sciences

School of Business

School of Engineering and Architecture

Institute of Graduate Studies

Course Load, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) & AU credits

Course load indicates how many credits you take per semester. Altınbaş University students usually take five courses per semester (for an average of 20 AU credits which is equal to 30 ECTS). Although there is no requirement for exchange students, at least three courses are recommended. It is up to your home institution to approve your course load.

Please click here to get more information about the course catalog.

Learning Agreements

Students must check open course lists before filling out their Learning Agreements. Open course list will be provided at the start of each semester by the Erasmus office.

Erasmus students must have their learning agreements signed by their respective Department Erasmus Coordinators. The list of coordinators for this semester can be found from the link.

Students can find the Online Learning Agreements (OLA) guide from the link.

For citizens of countries that are eligible to enter Türkiye without a visa or with only an e-visa, there is no requirement to apply for a student visa when participating in the student exchange program. However, it is important for students to verify the visa requirements specific to their country of citizenship by visiting their consulate’s website. It is worth noting that in order to apply for a residence permit, it is necessary to enter Türkiye using a valid passport.

After your arrival, you should apply for Residence Permit.

The Immigration Office require you to submit below document for Residence Permit;

Option 1 On-Campus Accomodation: If you stay in the dormitory, the proof of stay obtained from the Dorms must be added to your residence permit application folder.

Option 2 Private Housing: If you decide to rent a flat you must include the rental contract signed between you and your landlord in your residence permit application folder.

The relevant rental contract must be notary approved which needs your and your landlord’s visit to the notary. Please be informed that this process is laborious and costly.

Option 3 Notarized Letter of Commitment (You should visit the notary with the tenant you are staying with, and the tenant must issue a letter of commitment for your stay with them.)

  • An Original Copy of a Bill that is Issued for the Tenant Any bills (ie. water, electricity, gas, landline phone) that include the full address of your flat and the name of the tenant you are staying with.
  • Certificate of Identity Register Copy of the Tenant (vukuatlı nüfus kayıt örneği)

Certificate of Residence of the Tenant (yerleşim yeri belgesi) Declaration of residence (copy of rent contract or any other document showing where you will be residing)

We would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to be aware of these rules and regulations. Please pay attention to these rules to avoid any serious legal ahead.

For all the options;

You must include all the documents below;

  • the exact address of the flat, (adress registration of your landlord)
  • your full name & passport number, and full name and Turkish ID number of the landlord
  • One of the bills ( Water/Gas or Electricity under the landlord’s name)
  • Health Insurance
Altınbaş University dormitories have a limited capacity. Student housing applications are processed by Dormitory Management.

For details, please send an email to

As part of the Buddy Program, every incoming student is paired with a dedicated Buddy, who is an Altınbaş University student. These Buddies serve as invaluable guides and resources, offering assistance throughout the semester. Buddies are known for their reliability and strong work ethic, and they enthusiastically embrace cultural exchange opportunities. They prioritize the well-being of their assigned students and are readily available to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the entire exchange semester.


The orientation week for incoming exchange students at Altınbaş University is designed to provide a warm welcome and equip them with all the necessary information to maximize their study abroad experience. This week serves as an opportunity for students to get acquainted with the university and its resources. Moreover, it offers a chance to meet their Buddies and fellow exchange students, fostering connections from the very beginning. Throughout the week, a range of engaging social events is organized to facilitate the integration of students into campus life and ensure they have a delightful and fulfilling experience at Altınbaş University. For further information and access to our handbook for incoming students, please click here.

EWI (AU Academic Information System)

EWI is an online platform that is used for filling out petitions, locating classrooms, reaching professors, and viewing exam results.

UZEM (Distance Learning Research and Application Centre)

UZEM is an online platform that is used for sharing course content, and announcements, and online classes. Each course has an UZEM page and to stay on top of the studies, it is imperative for students to keep up to date with it.

Course Planning and Enrolment

As per the guidelines outlined in the Learning Agreement, the course registration process for incoming students at Altınbaş University is handled by your academic coordinator .

At Altınbaş University, we offer you the flexibility to choose courses from various programs, irrespective of your major, as long as they are approved by your home university. However, it is important to note that certain courses may have prerequisites or limited capacity, which could potentially impact your ability to enroll in all the courses listed in your Learning Agreement. Therefore, we kindly request that you seek approval from your home university to select additional courses beyond your regular requirements, ensuring that you have sufficient options and meet the necessary credit requirements. This will help you navigate any potential constraints and ensure a smoother course registration process.

Important Note: The students are not able to change their courses after the add drop week. 

Students must check open course lists before filling out their Learning Agreements. Open course list will be provided at the start of each semester by the Erasmus office.

Erasmus students must have their learning agreements signed by their respective Department Erasmus Coordinators. The list of coordinators for this semester can be found from the link.


As the semester draws to a close, there are a few important steps that exchange students need to complete to be eligible for receiving their transcript from the Erasmus Office. Please ensure that you fulfill all these requirements accordingly.

Dormitory Procedures:

Before the end of the semester, all exchange students are required to fill out the check-out form provided by Dormitory Management. Upon check-out, students must return their room keys to the Dormitory Management. If students intend to extend their stay in the dormitories for the following semester due to academic reasons, it is essential to inform the Dormitory Management on time.

Library Fines:

Before leaving the campus,

All exchange students must return any borrowed books and movies to the library. In case of any outstanding fines, you have the option to make the payment in person using a credit/debit card, or you can visit the DenizBank branch located on campus. If you choose to pay through the bank, please ensure to submit the receipt to the library as proof of payment.

Upon the completion of the semester, student transcripts will be issued to the exchange coordinator at the home institution. It is important to note that the transcripts cannot be issued until all grades have been entered into the online information system, which may take up to one month after the last day of examinations. The postal procedure for sending the transcripts will take an additional couple of weeks.

Additionally, it should be emphasized that to be eligible to receive their transcripts from Altınbaş University, students must complete all the necessary check-out procedures as outlined by the university.