Erasmus Interns at Altınbaş University

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your time at Altınbaş University and make it easier for departments who wish to accept interns. Please take time to read this information carefully.

Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements, internships) abroad at any workplace for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions in Program Countries at short-cycle Bachelor and Master levels and for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates. The duration should be between 2-12 months.

Erasmus interns are not Erasmus students. There is no exchange agreement between Altınbaş and the intern’s home university as a basis for this mobility. Altınbaş University can be equated with a company in this regard. However, an agreement must always be drawn up. The intern will receive a mobility through their home university during their internship.

Erasmus intern candidate for the University Erasmus Office should contacts the Erasmus office directly:

Please note that you attach your CV and your duration of stay in you Mail.

After getting approval and the academic program or Erasmus office will send you an acceptance letter.

1 a) Erasmus interns will not generate any financial reimbursements for the department. The intern will, however, receive an Erasmus mobility grant to partly cover travel and accommodation costs. Erasmus grant (scholarships) is managed by the intern’s home university.

  1. b) The benefits of having an intern must be weighed against the resources that will be spent on them rather than on training admitted students at the department.

2) Following approval by the head of the department, the teaching staff/researcher or administrative staff agrees to supervise the Erasmus intern during 2–12 months, in which case a so-called “Learning Agreement for Traineeships” is to be drawn up between the intern, the intern’s home university, and the supervisor at the Faculty or the Department, in accordance with the EU Commission’s guidelines. The Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator (Sündüs Aybala Işık) in charge will process and sign the Learning Agreement for Traineeships after approval from their head of department.

3) Erasmus interns are not permitted to take courses at Altınbaş University during their internship.

  1. a) After completing the internship, the intern must not be issued any certificate indicating that the internship corresponds to a certain number of credits. Any requests for being awarded credits for the internship at the home university must be established before the start of the internship and is entirely the responsibility of the home university. The supervisor at Altınbaş University is to comply with and satisfy the conditions for supervision, in accordance with the EU Commission’s guidelines, which are included in the Learning Agreement for Traineeships. By signing the Learning Agreement, the supervisor undertakes to fill in and provide the intern with a “Traineeship Certificate” after completing their internship. No other certificates may be issued.

4) Students who will participate in the Erasmus + Traineeship mobility must take out full health insurance, which includes liability insurance (which covers the damages they will cause in the workplace) and accident insurance (at least that covers the damages that the student suffers in the workplace). They are also responsible for travel documentation, including passports and visas.

It is recommended to have travel insurance as well as a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The insurance should cover medical expenses, flight cancellations, personal accidents, lost luggage, lost or stolen money, lost or stolen personal effects, and a level of personal liability cover.

5) Erasmus interns and Altınbas University access cards:

The University provides an e-mail account and an access card to the University.

6) Erasmus interns and accommodation:

Accommodation is available for Altinbas University students in several dorms for girls and boys separated. These dorms are located on the Mahmutbey campus and are designed to provide a clean, comfortable, secure, and civilized environment for the students.

For all other dorm-related inquiries please use this link:

Otherwise, Erasmus interns are to be referred to the private housing market. The intern is responsible for arranging their accommodation, with possible assistance from the department.

7) Please make sure that you complete all these phases to be eligible to get your Learning Agreement signed by the end of your internship period.