In line with Altınbaş University’s mission and vision statements and its primary goal of “raising graduates who add value to themselves and the global community”, the three mainstays of our faculty and staff’s efforts are to provide students with the opportunity to study at a university fully integrated into the world, ensure they graduate having acquired all of the competencies required by the globalizing world and contribute in making our university a globally recognised brand in the field of internationalization.

Based on the fundamental strategic policies and objectives of internationalization adopted by Turkish Council of Higher Education and specified in the Internationalization Strategy Statement of Turkish Higher Education, our Internationalization Strategy covers every field of activity carried out by Altınbaş University, while drawing inspiration from the strategies, experience, and leadership of the leading universities in the world.

Altınbaş University has created 3-year goals and action plans to achieve these goals and to fully fulfil all the requirements of internationalization in order to become one of the leading universities in Turkey in the field of internationalization.

Structure of our Internationalization Strategy

The strategy statement of Altınbaş University sets forth the university’s internationalization vision and goals, the steps that need to be taken to achieve these goals, the details of the action plans and the follow-up policies specific to relevant academic and administrative units. Accordingly, the internationalization strategy of Altınbaş University can be broken down into the four following categories:

A1. International Student Recruitment

A2. International Staff Recruitment

One of the areas where Altınbaş University is strongest is the High International Preference, which covers the objective of being among the top preferences of international students and academics. Our university won the Best Education Exporter award by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly three years in a row. Approximately one-fourth of our total number of students consists of international students. As part of its High International Preference objective, Altınbaş University is working towards increasing the quality, diversity, and number of full-time international students over the years, creating the required regulations and frameworks for international recruitment, and mobilizing internal and external resources to this end. 

In this context, international recognition refers to improving the international profile, engagement, and visibility of Altınbaş University. International conferences held so far, international fairs attended over the years, institutions abroad visited by Altınbaş faculty, students and staff, guest speakers invited from partner and non-partner institutions around the world and all other international promotional activities are the steps we have taken so far in line with this purpose.

Internationalization in Education and Research at Altınbaş University mainly involves the following objectives: rank among the top universities in world university rankings, receive international accreditation, internationalization of the curriculum, improve existing international collaborations, and create new international collaborations, as well as research-oriented, international strategic partnerships that will create a global impact, develop internationally funded research projects with current and prospective partner institutions, 

help students gain study abroad experience through international exchange programmes, summer schools, double and joint degree programmes, and other learning opportunities.

Another key factor that needs addressing in order to achieve a thriving internationalization is the Internationalization of the Campus. Aspiring to become globally recognised brand in this field, Altınbaş University is working towards increasing the number of social, sporting, and academic activities that will help all students and staff have an international learning experience on campus and ensuring the internationalization of services catered to all Altınbaş students and members.