It is determined by the EU Commission:

3 months (or 1 academic term or trimester) for the study program
2 months for the traineeship program

12 months*
(24 months for integrated programs, such as medicine)

*In case any student has already taken part in Erasmus+ mobility activities during his/her regular period of education, s/he shall not participate in a mobility activity lasting more than 12 months (For instance, if the student has already participated in an Erasmus+ study mobility of 9 months, his/her application to student mobility expected to last 4 and a half month shall not be approved. However, such students are allowed to attend 3-month traineeship mobility.)


The universities with which each department has an inter-institutional agreement are different. When choosing a partner university, the department’s language of instruction and course compatibility should be considered.

Click here for Erasmus+ partner universities.
Click here for Global Exchange partner universities.

The criteria for academic success are a minimum GPA of 2.20 for undergraduate students and a minimum GPA of 2.50 for graduate students. The remaining courses from the past semester are not a handicap for participation in the Erasmus+ Program.

The tuition fee is paid to the student’s home university (Altınbaş University) during the Erasmus+ program period.

After the certainty of whether you will be an Erasmus+ student within the Erasmus+ program, you must register at Altınbaş University before you go study abroad. However, course selection does not be made.

Passport and visa procedures vary on the basis of the person and the country of destination. Any procedure regarding going abroad finding accommodation abroad, and passport and visa procedures are principally students’ own responsibilities. One of the visa documents is the visa/grant letter that will be written by our Office and will be given when requested. The relevant document will indicate your study period abroad and the amount of grant you will receive.

In case the grant allocated by Turkish National Agency remains insufficient to meet the needs of all participating students, the grant will be allocated to the relevant Undergraduate School/Graduate School/Vocational School according to their academic performance. Students are ranked in descending order according to their Erasmus+ Placement Score. Grants will then be distributed to students according to the overall ranking. Grants may not be allocated to each student.

Students shall receive grants only during their mobility period abroad. In order to use the allocated grant amount efficiently and meet all students’ needs, the students will be offered a grant only for the period between the class start date and the end of final exams.

Grant payments shall be made in 2 instalments. The first payment is 80% of the total Erasmus+ grant. Payment of the second instalment is dependent on students returning all necessary documentation to Altınbaş University, completing all required procedures, and students’ academic situation (successfully completing/passing at least 2/3 course credits).

It is the student’s own responsibility to find an internship program within the scope of Erasmus + and receive an acceptance letter from the host institution. You can also consult your department professors.

The internship place must be found by the deadline specified in the call for application and the acceptance letter must be submitted to our office.

Yes. Insurance is mandatory for both Erasmus+ study and internship mobilities. However, the contents of the insurance for the study program and the insurance for the internship program are different.

A sample proficiency exam is released by the language school of our university: please click here.