I am Sakshi, medical student at AU. I am originally from India and I am studying medicine in Georgian American University. I am in Istanbul for my exchange semester at Altinbaş University. This is my first exchange program and so far the journey has been amazing. The university campus and the faculty is very nice and I have experienced that the people at the university are always ready to help you. There were many ups and downs in the beginning of my journey but once I settled everything became very smooth. Life as an exchange student is very cool, you get to meet whole new bunch of people coming from different parts of the world, thanks to this program I met people from different countries and got to learn about their culture. When you are a medical student balancing studies and social life is a bit difficult you might have to miss many events but this city has so much to offer you can have fun anytime and anywhere. Istanbul is heaven for those who love food, they have the most delicious variety of desserts, is a very colourful and beautiful city and studying here feels like a dream.