IAESTE (the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent Non-Governmental Organization. It was established in 1948 and gained its legal status in 2005 and took the name IAESTE. IAESTE A.s.b.l. continues its activities in approximately 87 countries and ensures the exchange of nearly 4000 intern students every year. To provide students and the business world with a high quality and internship exchange program that will enrich technical skills and professional development. To encourage cross-border cooperation by connecting companies, universities and students, and to lead the international mobility of qualified engineers and scientists.

IAESTE is not a scholarship program. There is no financial support (grant) opportunity. However, students receive a salary in the internships they are placed according to their respective country’s standards. Students should know that every country has a different procedure in terms of payments.

• Being a Altınbaş University Student (Graduates can not benefit from the program. Students must also be a student during the internship period.)

• Suitable only for Engineering, Architecture and Science Faculty, Business Faculty and Applied Sciences Faculty* students
* (only for Management Information Systems students)

• The student must be studying in min 3rd semester (2nd class)

• The student’s GPA must be at least 2.50 out of 4.00

• Minimum 70 points from the foreign language exam held by universities. (Other languages, if any, may be requested upon the request of the institutions)

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Students who meet the following criteria can take the IAESTE English Proficiency Exam to be held on announced date by Altınbaş University Foreign Languages School.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: IAESTE volunteer students (active members of Altınbaş International Internship Club) have priority, extra points are given for evaluation.

For IAESTE English Exam Application Process students must have these application documents;

• Application Form (Fill your information in the system, after you finish your application print and
sign it and upload it in your application.)

• Transcript (It must have been taken during the open call for application and should include the
grades of the last term. Transcript must be e-signed or wet signed)

• Student Letter

• Photo

• ID Copy

• Language Certificate (Dil Sonuç Belgesi) (If available; the result of TOEFL, YDS, and YÖKDİL
exams taken from outside the institution. If they want to use the foreign language exam results of 2 years,
they will be able to indicate it in the application, and they do not need to submit a language certificate.)

Applications will be taken from the online system. Documents must be uploaded in relevant formats and clear, legible. Students who do not meet the IAESTE application requirements are not accepted to the IAESTE English Proficiency Exam.

*Please do not forget to read call for application document, when the call is opened. There might be updated information.

Scoring Criteria:

• 40% – Foreign Language Exam Grade (must be at least 70 out of 100)

• 30% – Academic Average (must be at least 2.50 out of 4.00)

• 30% – IAESTE Student Committee / Club Contribution Score (determined by IAESTE University Representative)

The lists are sent to the IAESTE General Secretariat.

Student who are passed from the evaluation step successfully have the rigth to see and apply to the open positions that might be allocated to Altınbaş University and will have access to IAESTE System to see other open positions.

Within the scope of placement processes , applicants do not send their own applications documents individually and directly to firms. Altınbaş University Erasmus Office sends the following documents prepared by the students to the IAESTE Head Office for each applicant.

You can access the application documents and all details on the website of the IAESTE General Secretariat

All application documents must be filled in carefully as explained.

The time frame may differ for additional quotas or year-round applications. The acceptance or rejection information of the student is notified by the IAESTE Head Office to the IAESTE Representative of the member university.

The accepted student is asked to complete the documents here


  • Arrival Information
  • Passport
  • Travel Insurance Information (It is the intern’s own responsibility to take out accident and sickness insurance before going abroad.)
  • Student Agreement/Recognizance
  • The fee paid in the name of IAESTE
  • Students going for internship; They are obliged to pay their own travel expenses,health insurance and accommodation expenses in the country of destination.
  • During their internship period, they receive a payment close to the minimum wage of the host country by the institution providing the internship opportunity. IAESTE is not a scholarship program.
  • The welcoming, placement and inclusion of internship students in various activities is organized by the IAESTE local student committee in the city they are going to.
  • After the students return, they should submit a short report about their internship to the IAESTE Head Office. However, students who present this report are awarded an IAESTE Internship Certificate.
  • The fee paid by a student who, although accepted, gives up his internship for any reason, is not refundable. These students are not given any other internship opportunities.
  • A student who is entitled to do an internship with IAESTE once can go to internship for the second time, but otherwise, on condition that the form at hand will remain idle. Priority is on first-time applicants.